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Pareos in bright Caribbean colors are found in markets throughout Martinique

MARTINIQUE / What to Wear

Dress for the tropics in lightweight, breathable fabrics. Unlike some islands, Martinique is a place with a culture and economy that is not solely dependent on tourism. In town, relaxed, informal resort wear is acceptable, but scanty beach attire and short-shorts are considered as improper in urban areas as they would be “back home.” Jackets and ties are rarely required for men, even at dinner. Women tend to dress up a bit more in the evening, with short or long (but still casual) dresses common. Don't forget a hat and sunglasses for solar protection and a jacket or light sweater for higher elevations.

At hotel pools and at beaches near hotels, topless swimming and sunning is common. At all other beaches, it's a good idea to see what the locals are wearing (or not wearing). The only officially designated clothing-optional beaches in the French islands are in Guadeloupe and St. Martin.

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