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Picturesque Gustavia harbor on the west coast of St. Barthélemy

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The Caribbean influences, the Swedish heritage and the traditions of the French settlers from Brittany, Normandy and Poitou are all apparent in the cultural life of St. Barth. However, much of today’s culture also revolves around a love of the sea and an appreciation for the finer things in life. Special events throughout the year honor traditional holidays but St. Barth also celebrates with art, music and film festivals as well as boat races, fishing contests and other sporting events. The beauty, traditions and vitality of the island can also be seen in works of numerous local talented artists.

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Jan. 1: New Year's Day, public holiday, family day with "at home" festivities

Jan. 6: Three Kings Day, Galette des Rois (Epiphany cake), served at all celebrations

Jan. 11 - 23: 18th Annual St. Barth Music Festival. Jazz, chamber music, opera, modern dance concerts in Gustavia and Lorient

Feb. 1: School Carnaval Parade in Gustavia

Feb. 5 - 6: Carnaval. Mardi Gras with costumed parades and partying in Gustavia; Ash Wednesday burning of Vaval, King of Carnival, at Shell Beach, most businesses closed

Mar. 21: Good Friday. Public holiday in many places

Mar. 23 - 24: Pâques (Easter) Weekend, religious and public holiday

Mar. 27 - 30: St. Barth Bucket Race

April: St. Barth Festival of Caribbean Cinema

Apr. 20: AG2R Transat leaves Concarneau (France) and will arrive in St. Barth mid May

Apr. 22: Earth Day

May 1: Labor Day. Public holiday

May 1: Ascension Thursday, religious and public holiday

May 1: Archery contest

May 1: Festival of the Sea

May 4-12: St. Barth Theater Festival organised by local artists

May 8: Armistice Day (World War II), public holiday

May 11: Pentecôte (Pentecost) Sunday and Monday, religious and public holiday.

May 25: Mother's Day

June 15: Father's Day

June 21: Summer Solstice

July 14: Bastille Day, French national public holiday

July 19: Fête de l'Anse des Cayes et de L'Anse des Lézards, music, sport, entertainment

July 26-27: Fêtes des Quartiers du Nord at Flamands Beach, regattas, entertainment and fireworks

Aug. 9 - 10: Fête Quartiers du Vent. Regatta, music and fireworks in Lorient

Aug. 15: Assumption Day and also St. Barts / Pitea Day. Religious and public holiday, commemorates 1977 Sister Cityhood of St. Barth and Pitea, Sweden. Sailing regatta

Aug.16 - 17: Festival of Gustavia: Dragnet fishing contests, pinochle and domino competitions, regattas, dances, parties, fireworks, live music

Aug. 24: Festival of St. Barthélemy, Patron Saint feast day: Church bells peal, flags unfurl, boats are blessed; Regatta, procession with blessing of the sea, wreath-laying ceremony at War Memorial, wining and dining, firework, live music, public ball

Aug. 25: Feast of St. Louis in village of Corossol with fishing contests, regatta, fireworks, live music

Aug. 27: Senior's Day. Special events and merriment for older citizens by island children

November: Course de l'Alliance / Regatta St. Martin - St. Maarten - St. Barth - Anguilla

Nov. 1: All Saints Day. Public and religious holiday. From dusk on, cemeteries decorated with hundreds of lighted candles

Nov. 2 All Souls Day, public holiday

Nov. 11: Armistice Day, public holiday commemorating the end of World War I

Nov. 11: Swedish Marathon/Gustavialoppet — 3KM walk race open to everybody and 13KM race for men and women

Dec. 21: Winter Solstice

Dec. 24-25: Christmas. Midnight Mass / Réveillon, Christmas Eve; gifts/feasting; Christmas Day

Dec. 31: St. Barth New Year's Eve Regatta

Dec. 31: Réveillon de la Saint Sylvestre, New Year's Eve galas at hotels and restaurants

Please click here for a directory of local arts and events.

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