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st barthelemy, Gustavia, Rue du Général de Gaulle

Rue du Général de Gaulle in Gustavia on the west coast of St. Barthélemy

ST. BARTHELEMY / Shopping / Boutiques / Shops / Magasins

St. Barth is very well known for its chic boutiques in Gustavia, St. Jean and La Savane across from the airport. Visitors from around the world appreciate the superb selection of European fashions, famous maker accessories, stylish lingerie and designer jewelry. As in France, many shops close for a long (2-3 hour) midday déjeuner but stay open as late as 19:00. The island's duty-free status certainly enhances the shopping experience. Top quality merchandise that costs a fortune "back home" is sold in St. Barth at reasonable prices. Popular purchases include imported perfumes, crystal, silver, china, watches, liquor and tobacco.

A unique souvenir of the island is the delicately executed craftwork created by the women of Corossol and Colombier. Local latanier palm straw is woven by hand into delightful baskets, handbags and broad-brimmed hats. Other native products include sandals, shell jewelry, t-shirts and more. St. Barth is also home to many talented artists and their paintings, lithographs and other works of art can be discovered in the numerous galleries.

Locally-produced beauty lotions and oils made from island plants and other natural materials make unusual and interesting gifts. A fascinating array of imported fragrances, bath and beauty products and cosmetics is also available in St. Barth.

Visitors staying in one of the island's private villas will enjoy the selection of French, Caribbean and American specialties in the island’s grocery stores, bakeries and pastry shops. For wine lovers, the St. Barth caves offer fine French vintages stored in temperature-controlled cellars.

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